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Developed in Germany in the late 1920s, the Splinter camouflage (Splittermuster or simply Splittertarn) is a characteristic military camo pattern consisting of polygons, in its time issued to practically all Wehrmacht units for its range of combat uniforms, field jackets, smocks and parkas, as well as headgear, webbing, packs and rucksacks. It is a 4-color camouflage, consisting of a disruptive zig-zag pattern of hard-edged wood-brown and medium green polygons, printed on a light field-gray or tan background, with sharp corners between colored patches. Moreover a random pattern of directional dark-green dashes called "raindrops" or "grass" was also applied in places to improve the camouflage effect. Available at Military 1st online store is a selection of combat clothing and tactical accessories in this unique pattern, including army T-shirts and military caps and hats.
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